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Name:Machining shaft
Material:ASTM1045, 5140, SUS304, 303
Fnish:Ra0.4 - Ra3.6
MOQ:1 piece
Quality control:100 Inspection
Heat treatment:Yes
Diameter:0.1inch - 15inch
Length:0.5incch - 60inch

Product Description

The use of shafts is very wide. The small shaft can be used for remote control ships, coffee machines, etc. The larger ones can be used in cars, ships, and airplanes. Flytiger has its own CNC PRECISION AUTOMATIC LATHE, which can process 1.2" shafts with very high accuracy. We also have a cooperative factory for processing large shafts. It can process larger diameters of 15". If you want shaft processing products. Please contact us.


ASTM1045, 5140, SUS304, 303, CB30, 40Cr, 35SiMn, 40SiMn, 42SiMn, 3835SiMnMo, Copper, brass, Aluminium, Tungsten, Acrylic, Nylon, PE .etc.

Surface finish

Highest Ra0.4, normal Ra3.6


Smallest 0.1inch, biggest 15inch;

Length 1inch to 60inch

Weight limited 200lbs


Provide heat treatment service


Straightness: ±0.002

Concentricity: ±0.001

Diameter: ±0.0001

Lenght: ±0.001

Machining small shaft


Machining Long shaft

Machining long lead rail

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