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Name:Custom Recovery Rings
Name:custom recovery rings
Material:Aluminum 7075 or Aluminum 6061
MOQ:20 pcs
Service:Customized OEM
Surface treatment:anodize
QC Control:100 QC
Packing:Cartons+plastic Bags
Lead time:Production: 10-20 Days
Delivery Time:2-8 Days by Fedex, DHL

Product Description

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What about FlytigerCNC recovery rings?

FlytigerCNC offer a strong, lightweight and safe alternative to the traditional metal snatch block.The Recovery Ring can be used wherever you'd need a pulley – for changing direction of a winch line, mechanical advantage or to slow down winching operations. Multiple Recovery Rings can be combined for additional mechanical advantage. The Recovery Ring acts as a single sheave that is attached to a recovery point by the soft shackle and a winch line runs through the groove around the circumference of the ring.

Produce ring video show: 


Recovery Rings Order Onlinehttps://www.etsy.com/listing/996907107/recovery-rings-machining-4-inch-315-inch?ref=listings_manager_table

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CNC MACHINING Quality Control:

Quality inspection report link

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Product packaging:
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