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What is cnc machining technology

CNC machining is a subtractive manufacturing process that uses computer controls and mechanical equipment to produce custom parts. The process is suitable for a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, wood, etc., for motorcycles, cars, concerts, kitchens, airplanes, etc.


Beginning in 1750, people used manual processing equipment to produce parts. The result is that the processing speed of the parts is slow, the labor cost is high, and the product accuracy is poor. Many newcomers need years of processing experience to catch up with the master. In 1950 engineers developed the first CNC machining equipment. And achieved good production results. CNC machining has evolved to the point of now manually importing coordinates and programming from the very beginning to importing image generation code directly. No matter from time, quality, cost and so on, it has improved a lot.


The basic process of CNC machining is as follows

1. Design parts using 2D software or 3D software

2. Convert the contents of the drawing into a CNC file

3. Start the size of the test sample, accuracy

4. After confirming the sample, prepare the corresponding materials for mass production.

5. Production is completed, and the goods are delivered to the customer.

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The most common CNC machining operations are as follows

1 Milling

cnc milling.jpg

2 Turning

cnc turning.jpg

3 Drilling

cnc drilling.jpg

4 Broaching

cnc Broaching.jpg

5 Sawing

CNC sawing.jpg

6 Grinding

7 Laser cutting

cnc laser cutting.jpg

8 Waterjet cutting

 waterjet cutting.jpg

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