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what is 5 axis cnc machining?

5-axis machining refers to the machining of 3 linear coordinates and 2 rotating coordinates by a machine tool through computer system control.

And with a variety of tools for processing

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The high-precision and complex surface parts are processed by 5-axis linkage CNC machining. Widely used in military, precision equipment, medical equipment, etc. Such as car engines, impellers, etc.

Advantages of 5-axis machining:

1 Good reliability and high precision

Many 3-axis equipments are not advanced enough, the product needs to be processed twice. This will affect the accuracy of the part.

5-axis machining realizes the automatic calculation and processing of the equipment, eliminating human error, making the precision of the processed parts more precise and consistent, and the quality is more stable and reliable.

2 Multifunction

The equipment can be equipped with up to 100 kinds of tools, which can be milled, boring, drilling, turning, reaming, reaming, tapping and other processes on the same equipment. It also has a cutting method for multi-spindle and polyhedral cutting.

3 Reduce processing time

The staff realized five-sided machining of the material in one setup. Go to the product to complete the production. Can save a lot of time and improve work efficiency. Many customer parts can be shipped the next day.

And the clamping of the workpiece has also become easier. No special fixtures are required for machining, which reduces the cost of the fixture and avoids multiple clamping.


4 Improve the processing surface of the product

The 5-axis machining equipment can use short cutting tools, which reduces the vibration of the tool and improves the surface finish of the product.

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