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What are the factors that affect the CNC machining accuracy of parts?

The machining accuracy of CNC machine tools depends on the accuracy of the machine itself. 

CNC machine tool accuracy includes geometric accuracy, positioning accuracy, repeat positioning accuracy and cutting accuracy.

1.Geometric Accuracy:
It is same with Static accuracy.It comprehensively reflects the integrated geometry error of key components of CNC machine tools.

2. Positioning Accuracy:
Under the control of the numerical control device, the accuracy can be achieved by measuring the movement of the moving parts of the machine tool.
According to the measured positioning accuracy value, it is possible to judge the optimum workpiece machining accuracy that can be achieved in the automatic machining process of the machine tool. The smaller the difference between the actual position of the part or tool and the standard position, the higher the accuracy. It is an important basis for ensuring the accuracy of parts processing.

3.Repeat Positioning Accuracy
Refers to the degree of consistency of positional accuracy obtained by repeatedly running the same program code on a CNC machine. It is the degree of consistency of continuous results obtained by processing a batch of parts under the same conditions.

4. Cutting Accuracy
It is a comprehensive inspection of the machine geometry accuracy and positioning accuracy under cutting conditions.

The machining quality of the parts includes machining accuracy and surface quality. In general, the higher the machining accuracy of the part, the higher the corresponding processing cost and the lower the production efficiency.

Therefore, the engineer should reasonably determine the machining accuracy of the part according to the requirements of the part. Process personnel should adopt appropriate process methods according to design requirements, production conditions, etc., in order to maximize productivity, reduce costs, and ensure processing accuracy.

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