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Process characteristics and application range of the Boring

  The advantage of Boring is that the aperture size is not limited by the size of the tool, and Boring has a strong error correction capability. The deviation of the original hole axis deviation can be corrected by multiple passes, and Boring can be kept compared with the positioning surface. High positional accuracy.

  Compared with the outer circle of turning, the boring system has poor rigidity and large deformation, and the heat dissipation and chip removal conditions are not good. The thermal deformation of the workpiece and the tool is relatively large, and the machining quality and production efficiency of the boring are not as high as the turning outer circle. 

  From the above analysis, Boring has a wide processing range and can process holes of various sizes and different precision grades. For holes and holes with large apertures, high dimensional and positional accuracy, Boring is almost the only processing. method. The processing accuracy of Boring is IT9 to IT7, the surface roughness Ra is 1.6 to 0.8 μm, and the surface finish is 1.8 to 0.4 μm. The boring can be carried out on machine tools such as boring machines, lathes, milling machines, etc. It has the advantages of maneuverability and flexibility, and is widely used in production. In large-scale mass production, in order to improve the efficiency of Boring, a mold is often used.

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