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How many types of boring are processed?

There are 3 types of Boring processed:

(1) The workpiece rotates and the tool makes the feed motion. Most of the boreholes on the lathe belong to this type of Boring. The characteristic of the process is that the axis of the hole after machining is consistent with the axis of rotation of the workpiece. The roundness of the hole mainly depends on the rotation precision of the machine tool spindle. The axial geometry error of the hole mainly depends on the tool feed direction relative to the workpiece rotation axis. Positional accuracy. This type of Boring is suitable for machining holes that have coaxiality with the outer surface.

(2) The tool rotates and the workpiece makes the feed motion. The Boring machine spindle drives the Boring tool to rotate, and the worktable drives the workpiece for the feed motion.

(3) The tool rotates and feeds the movement. This type of Boring is used for the Boring. The sling elongation of the ram is changed. The deformation of the ram is also changed. The hole near the headstock is large, away from the headstock. The aperture is small and a tapered hole is formed. In addition, the elongation of the mast is increased, and the bending deformation of the main shaft due to its own weight is also increased, and the axis of the machined hole will be correspondingly curved. This method of Boring is only suitable for processing shorter holes.

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