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what is cnc machining

CNC is an abbreviation for "computer numerical control". It means that computer software controls the equipment to cut parts to process the product. With the development of the mechanical, there are lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, laser cutting, water cutting and so on.

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In order to increase productivity, product accuracy, and eliminate human error in the mechanical manufacturing process. Designers have designed ways to control mechanical equipment.


Mechanical engineers can design 2D drawings, such as CAD, CAXA. You can also design 3D drawings with soliderworks, CATIA, PRO/E, etc. The design completed the drawings. The operator will send the pattern to the CNC device. The computer can automatically identify the information in the drawing. Workers check the identified procedures and correct the errors.

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Wait until the programming is confirmed, the material is finished, and finally press the start button. The machine will automatically process the product. And many devices have automatic material replenishment. Once a product is completed, the next fur fitting is automatically processed.


Workers can check out the first production parts and determine the quality before they can be mass-produced. Then check the accuracy from time to time. Because there are many parts lost during the process. Affect the accuracy of the product.


In the past 20 years, CNC machining has updated many functions. It is more and more in line with the workers' operating habits, and the identification of drawings is becoming more and more accurate. Many parts must be CNC machined. Universally used in our daily lives.

For example: computers, cars, airplanes, ships, furniture, kitchen supplies, etc.

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