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QUOTES & PRICING &Order & Shipping

Q: What material could choose in Flytiger CNC?
Q: How do I specify tolerances and other features?
A: We could provide the CNC Metals, CNC Plastics, Sheet Metals, 3D Printed Metals, 3D Printed Plastics, Injection Molded Plastics. Here is the details
A: FlytigerCNC sales will provide the professional 2D file to you which base of your 3D file. It including the tolerances and features.

Q: How do I get a quote?

Q: Could Clients Updating Part Revisions?

A: Before offer the price. Get the quote simply by completing and submitting the form below:

• Attached 2D or 3D design( We accept IGS, IGES, STP, STEP, SLDPRT, 3D DWG, 2D DXF,PDF, JPG,PNG and more.)

• Material:________

• Quantity: _________pcs

• And many kinds details.  Finishes, tolerance,Hardness and more.

• Where to Shipping: ________ (Country with postal code please)  

Feedback Here or send email to Sales@flytigercnc.com

A: FlytigerCNC offers ways to update part revisions in the order 

**Note that if a part has been ordered you must contact top@flytigercnc.com for any revision changes. FlytigerCNC can't guarantee that a part will be updated if it's already in a planning or process phase.

Q: Need to convert a 3D design file or don't have 3D file ?

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum order quantity?
A: FlytigerCNC have more than 6 years exprience engineer to create 3D files for customers who need designs from scratch or a design modified.  FlytigerCNC will use your concept and references to deliver the high quality CAD file you need.  Get a quote for your part design.
A: You can order anything from 1 part to 10,000+. Please contact us regarding any special or large orders for preferential pricing. If the part is simple design, FlytigerCNC could provide the free sample first.

Q: Chat & Support

Q: What payment methods can you accept?

A: Whatsapp : +86 15067838155
Support email : top@flytigercnc.com

We will reply the message in 8 hours.

A: We accept Paypal, Visa, Western Union, Bank, T/T and money orders.

Q: What file types do flytigercnc support?
Q: What shipping company do you use? 

A: STEP (.stp, .step)

SOLIDWORKS (.sldprt)

STL (.stl)

Parasolid (.xt, .x_b)

Autodesk Inventor (.ipt)

Dassult Systems (.edxml, .catpart)

CADKEY (.prt)

PTC, Siemens (.prt)

ACIS (.sat)

Note: .stl files cannot be used to fabricate CNC, Lathe, or Sheet Metal components. Please use another file such as a SLDPRT or STP.

If clients' file contains tapped holes, or non-standard tolerances, please add that information in the Notes section of the quoting process. Clients can attach a PDF drawing in that section as well.

A:  We ship from our facility in WhenZhou. Weight <100kg, use the DHL,Fedex,UPS,TNT.  And weight>100kg, go through the local large shipping company

Q: Where can you ship to?

A: The company has a huge transport network, business across Asia, Europe, America, Middle East, Australia , Africa and other places

Q: Can I rush my order ?

A: Yes, you can. And rush fee will cost more than us$100. And shipping fee will cost more.

Q:  How fast can I get my part?

A: We will tell you the approximate tim after you confirm the order. And we will provide the time after we arrange the order. This is our standard expected turnaround.

General Manufacturing

Q: Do you have any quality certifications?

A: If required, FlytigerCNC can produce additional documentation on material certs, inspection reports, certificates of conformance, etc. FlytigerCNC just ask that this information is requested upfront on the order as it becomes very difficult to get something like a material cert afterwards!

If there is a project that requires a specific standard, such as AS 9100 or other ISO certifications, please notify Support at top@Flytigercnc.com and we will ensure that the project is quoted and manufactured to your project needs. 

Q: Can Flytigercnc manufacture firearms?

A: Any production of firearms or gun-related products is strictly prohibited.

Q: What CNC machines and manufacturing processes does FlytigerCNC use?

A: To create your parts, we use welding,  5-Axis Machining, Turning, Chucking, Threading, Milling, Tapping, Drilling, Material Cutting, laser cutting , stamping. See our CNC Machining Services page to view the full list.

Q: Where is FlytigerCNC located?

A: Our main manufacturing facility is located at Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Provice, China.

Our office are Hongkou Zone, Shanghai City, China.

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Shanghai, China