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Name:Machining Ceramics
Material:Al2O3, ZrO2, SiC, Si3N4
Tolerance:up to ±0.001mm
MOQ:1 piece
Quality control:100 Inspection
Place of Origin:Shanghai, China
Lead time:7~25 Working Days
File Format:Stl .igs .stp .obj
Processing Type:Grinding
Shipping Time:3-30 days.
Service:2D/3D Design drawings available
Mould Making:Acceptable

Product Description

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  Most customers think that ceramic products are die-cast by means of molds. In fact, that kind of craft is more practical for products with low precision requirements. But if your ceramic products require high-precision requirements, they must be completed by machining. Because ceramic material is a very special material. It is harder than metal materials, but also more brittle than metal materials. Therefore, the processing method is very demanding. Basically, they are mainly grinding. And it can only feed at most 0.05mm each time. Of course, if customers need better quality, we can achieve feed 0.001mm by lathe machine. FlytigerCNC's ceramic processing factory is fully equipped and rich in technology. We can provide mold manufacturing, machining center grinding, lathe grinding, etc. Our accuracy can reach up to 0.002mm. If your product must use ceramic parts. I believe FlytigerCNC is your best choice. If you are interested in our products, please send an email to us. look forward to your Email.

Here is our our machining ceramic video show. 

Following are Alumina ceramics, ZIRCONIA(ZrO2), SILICON CARBIDE (SiC), SILICON NITRIDE (Si3N4) parameter.

MaterialAlumina ceramics(Al2O3)
Content(%)95% Al2O399% Al2O399.5% Al2O3
Main CharacteristicsHigh Mechanical Strength, High Temperature Resistance, High Frequency Insulation, High Chemical Resistance
Wear ResistantHard and Chemically StableHard and Chemically Stable,
Fine Grain Strong and Smooth
Main ApplicationsHybrid IC SubstratesHeat,Corrosion and Wear Resistant PartsPump, Shafts
Density g/cm33.63.83.9
Water Absorption%000
Mechanical CharacteristicsVickers Hardness HV9.807NGPa1315.216
Flexural Strength 3 P.B.MPa360310360
Compressive StrengthMPa21602350
Young's Modulus of ElasticityGPa320360370
Poisson's Ratio0.230.230.23
Fracture Toughness (SEPB)MPa・m1/23~44
Thermal CharacteristicsCoefficient of Linear
Thermal Expansion
40 - 400℃× 10-6/K77.27.2
40 - 800℃7.988
Thermal Conductivity20℃W/(m・K)242932
Specific Heat CapacityJ/(g・K)0.780.790.78
Thermal Shock Temperature Difference(Put in Water, Relative Method)200200250
Electrical CharacteristicsDielectric StrengthkV/mm141515
Volume Resistivity20℃Ω・cm>1014>1014>1014
Dielectric Constant (1MHz)
Dielectric Loss Angle(1MHz)(×10-4)421
Loss Factor(×10-4)382010
Chemical CharacteristicsNitric Acid(60%)90℃ ,24H(Weight Loss)
Sulphuric Acid(95%)95℃ ,24H0.330.25
Sodium Hydroxide(30%)80℃ ,24H0.260.05

ColorLvory BlackBlackBlack
Main Characteristics● High Mechanical Strength,
● Excellent Wear Resistance,
● Good Surface Finish,
● High Fracture Toughness
● High Temperature Strength
● High Chemical Resistance, Excellent
● Conductivity
● High Temperature Strength
● Wear Resistant
● Excellent Thermal Shock Resistance
● Light Weight
Main Applications●Pump Parts, Dies, Knives,
● Cutting Blades, Spikes,
● Club Faces, Scissors
● Mechanical Seal,
● High Temperature Resistance Parts
● Anti Wear Liner
● Powder Equipment
● Molten Metal Parts
● Metal Forming Tool
Density g/cm365.63.23.1
Water Absorption%0000
Mechanical CharacteristicsVickers Hardness HV9.807NGPa12.310.82212.7
Flexural Strength 3 P.B.MPa1000710540900
Compressive StrengthMPa____
Young's Modulus of ElasticityGPa200210430270
Poisson's Ratio0.31_0.160.28
Fracture Toughness (SEPB)MPa・m1/24~53~44~56~7
Thermal CharacteristicsCoefficient of Linear
Thermal Expansion
40 - 400℃× 10-6/K10.510.33.72.8
40 - 800℃1111.44.43.4
Thermal Conductivity20℃W/(m・K)336023
Specific Heat CapacityJ/(g・K)0.460.480.670.66
Thermal Shock Temperature Difference(Put in Water, Relative Method)300_400800
Electrical CharacteristicsDielectric StrengthkV/mm11_12
Volume Resistivity20℃Ω・cm10131081051014
Dielectric Constant (1MHz)33__8.3
Dielectric Loss Angle(1MHz)(×10-4)16__5
Loss Factor(×10-4)520___
Chemical CharacteristicsNitric Acid(60%)90℃ ,24H(Weight Loss)
Sulphuric Acid(95%)95℃ ,24H0.
Sodium Hydroxide(30%)80℃ ,24H0.080.08≒ 0.000.49

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